Dollar Store Fail

I’m so disappointed with these products. The soap smelled like coconut when I took it out of the box. I decided I wanted to smell like a coconut all over. I used my coconut shampoo!! I got the bar of soap out and, as I lathered up (which is difficult to do with this soap), I was dismayed to find that yummy coconut smell disappeared. The only scent I could detect was that vague, bland glycerin soap smell. On the plus side, it did rinse better than most glycerin soaps. On the negative side, the bar was so large and awkward I kept dropping it on the shower floor.

As bad as the soap was, it was a dream compared to the body oil. Again, absolutely no scent at all. It comes in a spray bottle that only disbursed a few drops at a time making it difficult to spray directly on the body. I had to spray into my hand, then apply to my skin. Even still, I managed to get oil on my mirror, the wall, and my shoes by the door.

So, I’m rubbing in all this promised hydration but it’s not being absorbed by my skin. No, this oil is sitting on top of my skin like suntan oil. I may have to take another shower because I feel gross and sticky.

Also, I’m not the slimmest girl, but, it took a quarter of the bottle to cover myself in this slime!!

Definitely would recommend to you, stay away!!