I’m Carrying Luggage on my Face

This is me…no makeup, a little end of day oil, eye baggage on display!! I don’t know when I got bags but, I know I am now carrying enough luggage in there to fill a 747!! So, I decided to try a little experiment today.

On my lipstick eye, I used ELF’s Eye Refresh ($3 online). I’ve been using it for a while and it does a good enough job with my baggage. I love the sleek packaging, the cooling metal rollerball, and it dries quickly so I can get on with my makeup.

On my plain eye, I used Dollar Tree find SkinNutritions Age Defy Dark Circle and Puffiness Serum. What originally caught my attention in the store because of its red and black packaging (much like the Olay Regenerist line). Since it was a dollar, I decided to give it a whirl. It has an easy to use design and a cooling metal rollerball.

To make the test fair, I removed my ELF serum from the fridge and waited to test until both products were room temperature.

I made a lipstick mark on the ELF side. The plain side is SkinNutrition’s side.

I put on ELF first. It made my eye area feel cool for a few moments but dried quickly. My under eye feels a little sticky.

Next, I put on SN. Again, it was cool because of the metal rollerball (ELF also has a metal rollerball). It dispensed more product than ELF and it took several minutes to dry. It, too, made my under eye area more sticky than ELF.

The ultimate question is, which eye looks less puffy and dark. Vote for your favorite now!!