Goodbye Kate Spade

In the coming weeks, there will be much speculation about Kate Spade’s alleged suicide, the note, her family she left behind, the note, if alcohol was involved. Her private life will be dumped out, picked over, and put on display for the entire world to see. A life reduced to gossip from Page 6 to TMZ.

However, I want to think about this woman who cruelty cut her own life short. Lot’s of people will ask why? She certainly seemed to lead a successful life. She had money, a Park Avenue home, a beautiful daughter, a husband by her side, and designs worn by everyone from royalty to the girl on the street. What kills me is her material worth still wasn’t enough to fill the empty, lonely, devastatingly depressed heart of this accomplished woman. Her internal pain was so much that could not live for one more day. Her world, her only choice, was to take her own life by hanging.

I only know, Kate Spade took her own life yesterday. I don’t know the names of all those who died by their own hand yesterday; those who had to end their pain and suffering. Those that couldn’t hang on for another day.

There will likely be several events in the coming weeks to honor Kate Spade’s life and contributions to fashion. And, there should be!! The world just lost an amazing woman.

But, who will be there to honor the lives of those lost to suicide yesterday and today. What will be their legacy?

If you or someone you love is hurting, please seek medical attention right away!! Don’t wait for tomorrow; it might not be there!!