The One Week Experiment that Failed

I love a good tan but I can’t cultivate a good tan naturally. So, my secret is out for all the world to see: I fake bake. Or, at least, I try to fake bake. I’ve done lotions, foams, and sprays with mixed results over the years. So, this year, thinking I was clever, decided to buy wipes. Here’s what I used…

My plan was to use the product for a week and show you all my stunning new glow!!

Day one: After my shower, I eagerly ripped open the packet and carefully rubbed down my legs and chest. Then, I washed my hands. Never forget to wash your hands!! Spent the rest of the night lifting my nightgown in the mirror to see if I’d changed colors.

Day 2 otherwise known as this morning: I woke up with a faint glow on my legs. So, I decided to apply more product. This time, I went over my legs, my chest, my arms (I had a tan on top only), and my neck. This time, my tan developed quickly. My upper body looks fantastic. My lower body, however, is a bit of a mess!! Take a look at my legs before and after!!

As you can see, my left leg isn’t so bad. Just a couple of missed spots. Apparently, I went to town on my right leg. My toes are the color of Trump!!!

So, where did I go wrong. Obviously, I used light pressure on my left leg and, in my haste, I missed some spots. With my right leg, I obviously used much firmer pressure and I allowed myself to linger too long on areas like my foot, lower leg, and top thigh. I will definitely shower before application number 2.

I will use this product again. I liked the day one color on both legs and the day 2 coverage on my left leg. Being heavy handed was my fault as were the missed spots. Overall, what I like about the product is that you can see the moisture left behind by the towelettes making it easier not to reuse in a damp area.