Vegan and Organic Rosewater

There’s a long held belief that Cleopatra used rose water as part of her daily beauty regime. If she, rumored to be the most beautiful in the land, used rose water, perhaps we should take a look at what it’s all about!!

Refrigerated rose water will depuff the eye area. Soak cotton in rose water and place on the eyes for 15-20 minuets.

Rose water mixed with 1 tablespoon of flour makes a great zit busting mask. Just apply to the face and rinse with cold water after 10-15 minuets.

You can use rose water as a cleanser. Dampen some cotton and wipe all over your face. This may take two applications depending on how dirty your face might be.

You can use rose water as a refreshing spritz and rose water is said to act as a setting spray for makeup.

After learning all this, I decided to make my own. I have roses growing in my garden, so I know it is organic and pesticide free. I picked pink roses because that’s what happened to be blooming. I used one really large handful to make my rose water. You can use more petals if you want. If you don’t have roses at home, you can buy your favorite.

Pluck the petals from the flowers and rinse gently. Add rinsed petals to a pot.

Cover the petals in just enough distilled water to cover the petals.

Heat to a boil, cover, and simmer for 30 minuets to an hour. The petals should have lost their bright color when you are done.

Let cool then strain the petals from the rose water. USE A GLASS JAR. Plastic may alter the scent of your rose water. Store rose water in your fridge or on your vanity table.

One last tip, WATCH THE POT WHILE IT’S BOILING or you might just end up with no water and burned petals, like me!!

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