Tales from Five Below-Acne Dots

I believe you can be beautiful no matter the cost of the product. So, I’m cruising through the local Five Below, a dollar store like chain where everything is $5 or below. For $4, I picked up this set of acne dots. The ingredients shown on the front of the package seem vegan friendly. It also claims to be cruelty free. Score, right?

After washing my face, I peeled open one package, and went to town covering my worst zit areas. In fact, I used all 10 patches on that sheet!!

The patches themselves are quite thin so it doesn’t feel like scotch tape on your face. I was able to eat a snack, have a drink, and talk while wearing them. Some of the patches sorta disappeared on my upper face. I definitely noticed the ones on my chin and kept reaching to see if they were still on. They weren’t even uncomfortable to sleep.

When I woke, the first thing I did was remove the patches. I underestimated their stickiness because I did have to fight a bit to get them off. And, what did I find? Nothing, no changes to the size, shape, or volume of zits. So disappointing, right?

Even more disappointing was the company’s claim to be cruelty free. The product is made in Korea although there is legislation stating that Korean products are banning the use of animal testing in 2018. But, who knows how old my product is, really. Additionally, if they sell in certain markets, China, for example, those products must be tested on animals. I could not find Elite or Swissco LLC listed on any popular cruelty free websites, either. So, I question the legitimacy of the cruelty free aspect.

While, on the surface, this product looks vegan friendly using aloe, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil as their main ingredients, retinyl palmitate and polysorbate 80 have both an animal and vegetable source. There is, as far as I can find, nothing that says which source has been used in the manufacture of this product.

It’s possible, given the ingredient list, to call this product organic but, I’m not going to label this as an organic product since I’m not sure of the origin of the ingredients. The product does not have any organic packaging details.

All in all, this product was just like throwing money down the drain. So not worth it!!