Laughing at Myself: A Beauty Tip from the 80’s

Long before long wear lipstick, setting sprays, and contouring, we cassette loving, music playing on MTV, and all request dedication hours on the radio 80’s kids were rocking. We had the big hair, thanks to Rave #4. We had spiral perms. And, we had tons of makeup.

One tip I remember especially well was how to keep your lipstick going all day long. It wasn’t even that hard to do!!

First, you covered your lips with foundation, then you applied the first coat of lipstick.

Second, you got 2 sheets of toilet paper. You used the first sheet to blot your lips. The second sheet you pulled apart to make one sheet of one ply toilet paper. Pulling the sheets apart or, maybe even, one ply toilet paper seemed to be easier to do or find in the 80’s. Once you have your one ply sheet, put it on over your mouth.

Third, apply powder to the lips. You could do this with the powder puff provided with your pressed compact or use loose powder. The point is to apply powder to the lips through the one ply toilet paper. Make sure you used enough powder to make your lips slightly matte.

Fourth, apply another coat of lipstick after removing the one ply toilet paper. Now you should have lips that last until lunch, unless you had early PE!!

Let’s keep this going!! What is your 80’s makeup tip? If you don’t know about the 80’s, how about a weird/bizarre makeup tip? Can’t wait to see your responses!!